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Do you want to improve curb appeal or increase your home’s resale value? Would you like to avoid the cost of replacing a perfectly good roof? Would you prefer lower summer cooling bills?

Let Gutter Cleaning Solutions put your mind at ease! Gutter Cleaning Solutions provides a roof cleaning and driveway cleaning service throughout the south east Queensland Area.

Pressure Cleaning a Roof at Hamilton Island

Cleaning a Roof on Hamilton Island

With our unique, safe, roof cleaning process we can kill algae, moss, lichens, fungus & roof mold. To restore a like-new look to your roof, we use environmentally-friendly roof cleaning solutions that are specially formulated to kill harmful live organisms without bleach. These dead organisms and the resulting black roof stains are then washed away with a gentle, effective low pressure rinse – not damaging high pressure.

Our professional products, tools and techniques allow us to restore a new look to asphalt shingle roofs even 15 or more years old. And once cleaned of unattractive black roof mold and stains, you’ll have a roof that looks as good as new.

Why Clean Your Roof?

Pressure Cleaning of Roof TilesHealth Concerns – Quite often you may notice that green or black tinge that quite often appears on a roof or perhaps you may have noticed motley patches or circles on the roof. These are actually forms of mould and lichen moss. Periodically millions of microscopic spores are released from this mould & moss. A common sign that you may have a problem could be that occupants of the building suffer from persistent problems like headaches, nausea, respiratory symptoms, etc. It is now known that that mould in buildings can present a serious health risk to occupants and is a leading cause of asthma.

Captured Water Quality – The quality of your captured rain water or tank water will depend greatly on the cleanliness of your roof. This in turn affects the cleanliness of your water tank. If the captured water is not clean then it is quite likely that it will cause more harm than good should the water be ingested or used on a garden where any spores are likely to become airborne once the water dries up. In addition the life of your pump and filters will also be reduced.

Building Value – One of the main features of most homes is the roof. The look, cleanliness and condition of the roof says a lot about the overall quality of the house and so this is especially important if you are looking at selling your house at some point. Having your roof cleaned could add as much as a few thousand dollars to the resale value of the house.

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